Mumbai, a city of hustle and bustle, where everyone is in a rat race to be somewhere or go somewhere. Mumbaikars are often so caught up in their lives that taking a break becomes a challenge. However, a problem arises when they are unable to find the perfect getaway in the city. This is where The Game, Atria comes into the picture – the perfect arcade getaway in the heart of the city, nestled in the neighbourhood of Worli. The Game, Atria is the ideal spot for all your plans.

So, whether you're a gaming enthusiast seeking the perfect gaming zone or someone wanting to have a day out in Mumbai, or someone looking for a venue for their corporate or birthday party, look no further!

The Game, Atria is your ultimate destination for an unmatched gaming experience and events like corporate and birthday parties. As Mumbai's leading gaming arcade, it offers cutting-edge facilities and a lively atmosphere for gamers of all ages.

Here are reasons why The Game, Atria is a "Don't miss out on it experience." The Peak Arcade Experience:

Looking for the best gaming experience in Mumbai? 'The Game' redefines gaming with state-of-the-art technology and a diverse game collection. From classic titles to the latest releases, it creates an environment where every gamer finds their perfect match. The best thing about it? They are all in great condition, so no glitches or stuck tickets. The maintenance of the game machines at The Game, Atria arcade, is top-notch, enhancing the gaming experience.

Large Collection of Games:

Immerse yourself in an arcade where gaming meets cutting-edge technology. From Asphalt Car and Cage Fighter to Hammer, Dream Ball, VR Stimulator, VR 360, and Super Bike 3, we bring you a plethora of thrilling games. Our commitment to a superior gaming experience shines through our high-performance and latest game machines, ensuring an unforgettable adventure with top-notch graphics and seamless controls.

But the fun doesn't stop there. Play gems like Bounce, Claw Machines, and more. At The Game, Atria, we curate an extensive lineup, ensuring every visit is packed with excitement and variety.


Imagine, not long ago, bowling was a rare treat, mostly seen abroad. Finding a place with bowling lanes here was like discovering a hidden treasure. But today, it's become one of our favourite activities in India.

At The Game, Atria, we offer more than just six bowling lanes, we bring the fun of international bowling to you. Grab your friends, enjoy the game, soak in the lively atmosphere, topped off with exclusive bowling offers.

Here are bowling offers you can enjoy at The Game, Atria:

  • Student offer: Students can enjoy a game of bowling for only Rs. 300. To avail this offer, showing your ID card is mandatory. Available from Monday to Thursday.
  • Buy 1 get 1 free: Get a game free with a purchase of a single game every Wednesday.
  • Happy hour: Enjoy bowling for only Rs. 200 every Mondays and Tuesdays, between 12 PM- 4 PM.
Experiential Games:

The Game, Atria also has experiential games like cricket and laser spy room, soft play area, human gyro, and immersive VR games, adding to the overall experience. These arcade games are perfect additions to elevate your events, making corporate parties and birthday parties even more memorable.

Multiplayer Madness:

The Game, Atria isn't just a gaming zone; it's a multiplayer haven. Engage in epic battles and cooperative missions in our dedicated multiplayer zones. Whether you're a competitive gamer or just want to team up with friends, our setups cater to all preferences. So, gather your squad for game-offs at The Game, Atria.

All-Inclusive Entertainment Hub:

Entertainment goes beyond gaming at The Game, Atria. Relax in our private party lounges, enjoy delectable snacks at our snack bar from our menu, and immerse yourself in the excitement of music. It's not just an arcade; it's a destination where entertainment knows no bounds.

The allure of The Game Atria doesn't stop here; it is also the best place to host your parties, especially birthdays. With a vast collection of games, including bowling, and a diverse menu, birthday celebrations are a massive hit. This is especially true in a bustling city like Mumbai, where finding the right venue can be a challenge. The Game, Atria stands out as the perfect spot for birthday parties.

Moreover, it isn't just limited to birthdays; The Game Atria excels in hosting various corporate events. We have successfully organized corporate gatherings such as success parties, product unveilings, off-sites, and team-building exercises. It serves as an ideal environment to engage your employees effectively. Whether it's a birthday bash or a corporate affair, The Game, Atria is the ultimate venue for all your events.

The best part about it?

It is customizable according to your needs and budget. All you have to do is reach out to us, and we will plan your events within your budget and needs. Not only that, we ensure that the event runs smoothly without any mishaps. Our packages also include food and beverages, ensuring that the event is an utmost success.

Another thing that stands out about The Game, Atria is its excellent staff services at the arcade. The extremely helpful and available staff are the cherry on top of the experience at The Game, Atria.

The Game, Atria is more than a gaming arcade; it's a hub of entertainment, camaraderie, and thrilling experiences. Where you experience the best of all. An arcade that has everything you need to get away from the mundane rat race Mumbaikars are in. It is a place where individuals of all ages have fun and make lasting memories. It is a place where families can come and enjoy quality family time, where couples in love can have exciting dates. It is also a place where you can celebrate your milestones, with the people you love and achieved it with. A place where you can show appreciation to your employees for the hard work they put in.

Join us and redefine your gaming adventure in the heart of Mumbai. For the best gaming zone and entertainment in Mumbai, The Game, Atria is the only name you need to know.
See you at the next level!